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Keltie Colleen

We chat to professional dancer, choreographer, author, t.v. personality, philanthropist, designer & blogger, Keltie Colleen!

Keltie Colleen

Ms. Keltie Colleen is quite possibly the sweetest girl with brightest smile that you’ve ever seen. For years, she has been sharing her words of love & encouragement with others through her blogs at Blogspot and Buzznet and has found herself an impressive following of aficionados (A.K.A , 'The Keltie Army'), while many have discovered her through her blogs, others learned of the lovely Ms. Colleen through her impressive career as a Professional Dancer.


Keltie’s love for dance and perseverance has enabled her to achieve great success both on and off the dance floor. Canadian born and raised, Ms. Colleen spent much of her childhood dancing. Eventually all of her hard work paid off when she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a Radio City Rockette and later went on to make several film and TV appearances including MTV Music Video Awards (twice!), Disney’s Enchanted and the 2011 remake of Footloose. Keltie has also choreographed for artists including Miranda Cosgrove and Andre 3000 and has appeared in music videos for Kanye West, Luis Miguel and her best friend, Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts). Keltie has since then proven to be the epitome of the Modern Day Renaissance Woman, having served as T.V. Personality, hosting Music News for LiveNation and serving as The Insider’s current Music Correspondent. Keltie has collaborated with Sugar&Bruno apparel to develop her own signature dancewear collection.

She has also claimed the title as author of her first autobiography which was published in 2010, titled “Rockettes, Rockstars and Rock Bottom”, which reveals her journey on her rise to stardom, falling in love, losing herself along the way and finding herself again. Keltie is donating a portion of the proceeds from her book to the non-profit foundation To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization which strives to offer hope and assistance to those suffering from depression, addiction self-injury and suicide. Ms. Colleen’s fortitude and heart are truly a testament to the importance of always striving for the best and never losing hope. Through it all, she still approaches life with optimistic smile and a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you, Ms. Colleen; you are truly an inspiration to us all!



Congratulations on your engagement, how has life changed since? 

It's only gotten more wonderful! I'm sort of obsessed with my fiancé and our life together is something I cherish. I guess I've grown up a little, wedding planning, looking for a house. But, it's not that different! 


What was the most memorable part of your professional career as a dancer/choreographer?

So many moments. I would say working on Saturday Night Live as a dancer. I grew up watching that show at home in Canada- so it was sort of mind blowing to be on that set! 


What single message from RRR would you like to convey to those who have yet to read it?

That being honest is hard but if I can do it we all can. That your life is going to be filled with really great stuff, and some not so great stuff, and all that really matters is how you deal with it. There's no escaping the lows- but the lessons are priceless.  

If your book was to be authentically translated to film who would you like to see portray you or would you prefer to take on the role yourself?

The problem that came with turning my book into a TV show or film was that everyone saw it as a 'step-up' movie, and maybe they didn't even read it. I saw it more as a Perks or a Juno, because that is what I am. Incredibly awkward. I would want some undiscovered amazing girl to play me, because I'm all about the underdog! 

As a clothing designer you have quite a collection; what is your favorite lounge around piece and which is your favorite statement piece?

I know! I cannot believe I am in my 5th collection with my clothing line for Sugar and Bruno! My favorite piece of all time is my "Plie, Tendu, Releve" tee. It's oversized, and goes with everything. It's also been a best-seller! Sort of mine blowing when I see my clothes in the big dance stores!


Being the Insider's Music-go-to-girl what two bands/artists should we know of that we probably haven’t heard of already? Have you heard of Nate Highfield and the Good Cheer, <3?

I will check that out! There is a indie group called Sucre that I love, I'm loving a band called Kingfoil. I'm still pretty obsessed with The Cab and their song Endlessly. 

I have a rule in life that I say yes to everything. 

You've conquered many roles in your professional life are there any others you’d like to explore?

I have a rule in life that I say yes to everything. I've already lived so many different lives. I'm really interested in hosting at the moment because it's given me the chance to dissect our culture even more! 

What is the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned from life and what if anything would you have done differently?

My lesson has been to be really kind to people and don't talk behind other people backs at work (or ever) It's actually much harder than you would think! You just never know who you will end up working with or where your path will take you! 


You've experienced so much, what has enabled you to maintain your positive outlook on life? 

I'm not always positive! I just do not share that part of my world with people. I think my mom really instilled this feeling of luck in me, that every day is a gift. I'm also incredibly scared to die. My mortality is at the front of my mind most of the time, it's easy to stay positive when you can sort of hear your clock ticking! 


You’re a longtime advocate of Teen Suicide Prevention - What are other causes that you believe in?

I'm just a supporter of helping people feel better. I just want everyone to feel better about themselves and their situations. Through the posts I make on my Facebook page, Twitter and my blog I'm always trying to inspire people to hang on. ?


Doubt is the only difference between you doing it or not.

What advice do you have to offer to those who doubt their ability to fulfill their dreams?

Doubt is the only difference between you doing it or not. Everyone you see doing the thing you want has the exact same fear, self-doubt and issues. They just went for it anyway, and you should too!


What is one thing about Keltie Colleen that everyone should know?

I'm not as immature as I seem on the internet! 


Here at CO+K we love to create, what are your favorite things to craft and why?

I love to make things for parties and for my house. I sew, so I made the pillows on my couch. I also love to make handmade cards for my friends!


New York or California?

Oh man, I think NYC always has my heart. I just love that city. It's tough to live there, but I always feel so magical when I am there. It's full of ugly inspiration. My favorite!

You can keep up to date with Keltie and purchase her book, “Rockettes, Rockstars and Rock Bottom” by visiting her at »



I’m so happy that Keltie was featured in Snippets! Thank you Cat and Thank you Keltie! Ms. Colleen is such an inspirational person who really encourages me to strive for the best, even when it seems impossible, especially when it seems impossible. You’ll never know if something was meant to be until you try it; if it doesn’t work out it wasn’t a mistake it was a lesson that you should be grateful for. She has also really reinforced an idea that I’ve been struggling to accept, the fact that you can’t change the faults in others; you can only change your own and in the end everyone who is worthy of being in your life will be and that’s all that really matters Happy

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