Snippets Issue 26 : The Road Trip Issue

Alternative Road Tripping

Put a spin on your travel plans.

Alternative Road Tripping

Most people make a trip every year to have a little break, so why not take it a level higher? I'm not recommending surfing on top of a train though, because there are more fun, less risky things you could do to spice up travel. Choose for yourself how far these ideas take you!

The Fan Tour

Distance: short
Effort: medium
Originality: low to medium
Are you an insane fan of the film Notting Hill? Book a journey to England and visit the bookshop and the famous blue door. You can find information on practically any film and shooting locations online. If you're more of a music fan, you can follow your favorite rock band through the country. In day time you go sight-seeing, in the evening you can see your idols play. There are also guided tours like the Beatles ‘pilgrimage’ tour to Liverpool and the famous Jack the Ripper walk in London. If that sounds too dull, you can test the world’s best sushi restaurants, yarn bomb as many cities as possible or cross the country starting in a town beginning with an A and ending in a place with a Z.

Faith will lead you the way

Distance: depends
Effort: low
Originality: low
This is an idea that can be used with any travel method. By foot you can use a dice on the crossroads to decide whether you go left, right or straight on (cf. Keri Smith’s dice walk). When travelling by public transport, you can just hop on the first bus or train and get off when you feel like it. Act like a real tourist and make a scrapbook about your discovered place afterwards. For an arbitrary road trip, hang a map on the wall of the area where you want to travel. Lend some darts and throw as many of them as you want to the map. Fetch some friends and get on the way!

Distance: medium
Effort: high
Originality: high
A go-kart is great for driving circles on a track, but it is also a great conveyance to get you in a holiday mood before you are even at your hotel. Make sure your route is save, though, you do not want to feel literally like a rabbit in the headlights. Other options are a horse for the experienced horseback rider or roller-skates if you only want to get a few miles from home.

Leave your car, take the go-kart

Your fridge is your friend

Distance: > 60 miles/ >100 km
Effort: high
Originality: high
Are you up for a challenge? Then bring along a large object and go hitchhiking, just like Tony Hawks did when he travelled around Ireland with ... a fridge! You can find the film trailer here: Of course you do not have to walk in his footprints, you can think up anything to bring with you. What about the ironing-board or twenty balloons on strings? You can also make a strange costume to find out how easily people will pick you up when dressed up like a Ninja Turtle!


"Faith will lead you the way"
Ive always wanted to do that! Sounds like such an amazing experience. ;)
I would road trip with my sewing machine. I would sample fabrics far and wide and trade sewing services for food. Awesome!
I really love the idea of hopping on a bus/ train and just get off it whenever you like Happy
I'll definitely do that sometime!

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