Snippets Issue 24 : The Japan Issue

Draw Manga

Learn how to draw Gothic Lolitas and Manga Chibis.

Draw Manga

Gothic Lolitas and Managa Chibis are two books by Sergio Guinot designed to teach you how to draw manga, with a wide range of characters to practise sketching. We've got five sets of both books up for grabs and all you have to do t is share one of your drawings with us. Hint: if you do a version of one of the projects below, you'll get brownie points!

You can enter up to 3 times and the contest closes on September 10th.

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Gothic Rock Star: Moira McFalls

Moira McFalls is a Gothic rock superstar and a trendsetter with her music, her hairstyles and her dress-sense. She is the idol of millions of fans for her virtuoso guitar playing.

Gothic Student: Hanna Blackrow

Hanna is a very special student with a captivating personality. She loves the Gothic style and takes it to the extreme. Her cool accessories are the envy of all of her classmates.

Manga Chibi: Batbirtt to Vampbrit

Evolution of Batbirtt to Vampbritt. His deafening scream can leave you paralysed.

Manga Chibi - Bigey

Defender of good, the largest chibi in Chiwelland.

You can pick up a copy of both Gothic Lolitas and Manga Chibis from Search Press now.

Contest Entries


these anime drawings arent the best ive seen ._. not interested
who won?
i cant wait for the results!!!! Happy
I'm going to need a lot of practice if I'm going to enter..

Can't wait!
I have a question: do the entries have to be strictly in manga style or can they be drawn in a more western-y style? are these contests actually judged anyway? o.o ...ah well, i want to participate ^^
Love it! Can't wait to participate!

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