Snippets Issue 21 : The Black Magic Issue

Petrifying Paint

Petrifying paint projects to spook up your Halloween.

Petrifying Paint

Pssst . . . want to brew up some spooktacular decorations for Halloween? You won’t need to cast any spells, just a can or two of spray paint and a little inspiration.

Frightful Front Yard

With a little faux stone paint and foam board you can create an entrance your trick-or-treaters will really ‘dig’. Lowe’s offers a great tutorial for their Family Plot. Check out the names of the dearly departed: Myra Mains, Seymour Dirtz, and Ben Better. There are more listed on the tutorial.

Want a simpler cemetery? Try Styrofoam sheets, or even cardboard. Just make sure your spray paint can be used on foam. Many propellants used in spray paint will melt the foam. Krylon’s Make It Stone states it can be used on craft foam. But test a small patch before spraying the entire grave marker.

Once you’ve ‘marked’ your tombstones, add some dried leaves, spider webs, or any other chilling effects.

Ghoulish Glow in the Dark

Take a can of fluorescent paint and create an entire room where your guests will quiver and quake. No, you don’t need glow-in-the-dark paint. The fluorescent paint contains phosphor, which will glow in the dark after exposure to light. Martha paints simple objects with other-worldly results.

Bewitching Black

Cut out bats, mice & witches with a utility knife and poster board, spray them with matte black paint and you’ll have sinister silhouettes for your walls, windows, screen and yard. For durable decorations that will last for years, paint wood rather than poster board.

Want some wicked webs? Krylon Webbing Spray will coat nearly any surface in black, white, silver or gold. It sprays in random spurts, creating sporadic web-like patterns. It’s also permanent. Make sure what you paint is something you won’t mind being covered in webs.

A little spray paint and Pouf! You’re ready to transform your home into a haunted haven.

Want more eerie inspiration? Check out these websites:

  • Halloween Central is packed full of frightfully fun ideas, patterns and templates to create your own chilling centerpieces, bewitching lawn ornaments and sinister scenes. There is an Index for all of the projects, if you don’t want to scroll through each photo. Or simply subscribe by email to all of their Halloween projects. And you won’t miss a thing.

  • Lowe’s has a slew of ‘Halloween Projects to D.I.Y. for’. Each project has step-by-step instructions and downloadable PDF patterns. They also have a Halloween menu of ghoulish goodies.

  • Grandinroad’s Halloween Haven has loads of menacing merchandise. It’s worth a visit just to get some ideas. With a little creativity, you can replicate many of their spell-binding products.

See more spooky finds and other crafts from Colleen on her blog Mural Maker and More.


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