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Based on Zombie Necklace by FrolleinKram

So, I saw this and instantly wanted one! I used a square plastic perfume bottle, cut out the zombie with the exacto knife, used fingernail polish for color, and eyeshadow (green) for texture. Even has a little brain detailer! :)

Twisted Name Necklace

Twisted Name Necklace

Works better than a name tag, and looks prettier too :D

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Personalized Name Necklace

Personalized Name Necklace

Create this necklace and go let the world know who you are!

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Zombie Necklace

Zombie Necklace

For these days when you just wanna eat peoples brains... Cause they don't use them anyways...

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Science Necklace

Science Necklace

look like a nerd in style

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Zombie Necklace

Zombie Necklace

Zombie lover, psychobilly

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