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A simple and easy way to looking like the undead but still
How I did my make up for a Halloween party, last year. I'm a newbie here though, which is why I'm posting this.....in July :)

But anyways, even though it was all those months ago I'm going to do my best to attempt to walk you through what I did.

First of all, I did my eyeliner like I always do - cat eyeliner with little flicks using liquid eyeliner.
It's important to do this first because if you were to cover your face with face paint first you would not get the eyeliner to stay on.
Then apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
Then onto the face paint. Cover your entire face and part of your neck with this generously so you look pale and well...dead. Leave to dry a little for a minute or so.
After that apply your false eyelashes, should you choose to use them onto the top of your eyelids.
Now, break out your eye shadows and gently add grey/black under your eyes. Do this VERY gently though like the photo shows. You don't want to look like a panda.
I also applied the grey/black onto my lips and also onto my neck to create a decaying look. Then use the red eye shadow and do the same as before to look tired and drained of blood.

Okay, now here is where it gets interesting...and maybe a little weird.
Take your toilet paper and rip it up into medium sized shreds. You can scrunch the paper up or arrange it until you've made a kind of "wound" shape as shown in the photos.
Once that's done, use your eyelash glue to glue the part you DON'T want on show. Once you've done that - ...and like I said...this is where it gets weird.... you should glue it to your face wherever you want it to go.
I TOLD YOU IT GOT WEIRD. I can assure you 100% that it will come off though. I would not tell you to glue it to your face if it wouldn't. Eyelash glue comes off of your eyes so, it's fine in this case also and trust me - it will stay on.(My "wounds" stayed on all night long). Once stuck to where you want the "wound" leave for a minute so it sets.
Then take your red lip gloss or lipstick.. whatever you choose to use. I used a lip brush and and coated lip gloss onto it. Then I dabbed the gloss onto the the paper on my face to make it look bloody. I continued this until I saw no more whiteness on the paper.
After that, I added a small red line with the lip brush along my neck - to show as if I had been beheaded.

And you're done!
Hope this helps :)

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