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Evil Knits
It’s a common misconception that zombies eat brains. Unfortunately for hungry zombies, their jaws are simply not strong enough to bite through that thick skull of yours. Besides, destroy the brain and you destroy the zombie convert – if they went around eating our brains, the undead epidemic would never get off the ground. Return Of The Living Dead has a lot to answer for.

Existing in mythology from Haiti to Tibet, Africa to Eastern Europe, ?the zombie is a scary staple in the wholesome horror diet – and definitely part of a complete breakfast. Here is your chance to ?smash a zombie brain in, with this open-topped boiled egg cosy. Breakfast has never been so much gruesome fun! Bring your blunt weapon (spoon) down directly on his head and think of it as practice ?for the coming apocalypse.
This cosy will fit a medium-sized egg, but should be stretchy enough to accommodate a larger size, unless you have a penchant for ostrich eggs. Any eggcup will do, but find one with legs if you can!

All images copyright of ‘Quintet 2012’.

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© 2023 Hannah Simpson / Bloomsbury · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    1. Cast on 27 stitches in light green, using a stretchy cast on. Divide onto 3 needles and place marker.
    2. Purl 2 rounds.
    3. Knit 10 rounds.
    4.*K1, k2tog* repeat around (18 st).
    5. Knit 1 round.
    6.*K1, k2tog* repeat around (12 st).
    7. Knit 1 round.
    8. K2tog around (8 stitches).
    9. Cut yarn, thread onto tapestry needle and run thread through remaining stitches. Pull to close.

  • Step 2

    Arms (make 2):
    1. Cast on 3 stitches.
    2. Work 8 rows of I-cord.
    3. K1, kfb, k1 (4 st).
    4. Knit 1 round in I-cord.
    5. Cast off.

  • Step 3

    To finish:
    Step 1 Count 10 rows up from base of work (not including purl rows), around 3.5cm (11?2in). Take a length of pale green yarn and separate two of the threads from the ply, to make a thinner length of yarn for sewing. Thread the sewing needle with yarn and sew carefully around the top, making sure to ‘catch’ all of the knit stitches as you sew. Sew round a number of times to secure.
    Step 2 Turn your work wrong (purl) side out. Using dark red DK yarn, sew a line of chain stitch around the inside, working over your green stitching. Your stitches shouldn’t poke through to the right (knit) side, so be careful to pick up only a few threads from the inside ?as you sew.
    Step 3 With a pair of small, sharp scissors, boldly cut the top off your cosy just above the line of chain stitch. Turn the cosy right side out, and use your sewing needle to fray the cut edges. Carefully snip through a few of the threads on your red chain stitch – not all the way through! You don’t want it to unravel completely, just look ?a little ragged.
    Step 4 Cut a small triangle of red felt, and cut a smaller triangle from the centre for the mouth. Glue into place. For the eyes, cut out two ovals of black felt, and snip a small slit in them for the shank of your button. Sew the felt-backed buttons firmly in place – you can also glue the felt to the face if you like. This will help it lie flatter once it’s on the egg
    Step 5 Finally, stitch the arms in place and weave in all the yarn ends. Slip over your perfectly boiled egg and arm yourself with a spoon – it’s brain smashing time!

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