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To go with your zipper bracelets and necklaces!
Zippers are popular right now! There are zipper bracelets (of which I've made a TON), there are zipper necklaces, there are zipper earrings made from the zipper pull.

Well, Here's what you do with your zippers after you've destroyed them trying to drill holes in them to make them into bracelets. The bottom zipper stop has gotten angry at you and comes off, and the zipper pull flees it's tracks. You're left with two sad looking halves of a zipper.


I saw earrings like this in Target and was like "I could make that." That's how all projects start!
**Sorry that I don't have pictures. This was one of those "in the moment" projects. Ask me if you have any questions!

Posted by Char C. from Chicago, Illinois, United States • Published See Char C.'s 6 projects »
  • Step 1

    Start with your materials:
    2 sad halves of zippers,
    2 folding connectors like the ones you'd use to make feather earrings,
    and 2 earring hooks.

  • Step 2

    If the extra fabric on either side of the zipper tracks are not cut off, cut them off. Then, you can burn them to make the cuts look nice and sealed. *Be careful with the burning. zippers are usually made of metal. XP

  • Step 3

    Take your pliers and all your strength and pull out zipper teeth as needed.
    As in, don't cut ALL the fabric from ALL around the tracks, you need to make sure you have some for the connectors to hold on to.
    So, if you were like me and you cut ALL the fabric off, you'll have to rip some teeth out. Three teeth is probably enough. Just so you have some fabric open on either end of each zipper half. (the ripped parts don't have to look amazing, they'll be covered up!)

  • Step 4

    Place each end of a zipper half into a folding connector and...fold using your pliers. That should keep both ends nice and tightly together. If you're worried about them being pulled out, you can add some glue.

    *Now you should have a zipper hoop on a folding connector (or 2. :P)

  • Step 5

    Open up your earring hooks and slide in the folding connector ring. Close up the hook and you've got yourself a beautiful zipper hoop ready to wear with the rest of your zipper jewelry army!

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