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Your Beauty Is Not Defined By Your Weight.
Hey beauties, today I just wanted to share a video I posted on my youtube channel on an important topic that has been on my heart for a while now. For those who are not subscribed to my youtube channel, I have a series over there that I have titles "Naked Vlogs". I go into more detail about what Naked Vlogs are in the video - so I wont go write too much detail here.. But basically the idea behind "naked" vlogs is that I vlog with a bare face - no makeup - to just sit and speak about topics that go beyond the surface of or outward appearance of beauty. Being that I am a Beauty Blogger, you really only see me all made up. So, I wanted you all to see me raw before you talking about topics that deal more with inward beauty.

For this specific Vlog the topic is concerning beauty and weight. I found myself really needing the reminder that my weight doesn't define my beauty. When I filmed this vlog it was the New Year and knew that more than likely many people making resolutions to loose weight (which is not a bad thing) I just thought this would actually be the perfect topic for one of my Naked Vlogs. I figured this would not only be a good reminder for myself, but to others as well. And serve as a great "Public Service Announcement" of sorts. ;) So I hope you will watch, be encouraged and feel free to share your story, start a conversation or reach out to me if you need to!

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