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Valentina Holds on...
Ajajaj, this is my first project.. LOL ..Let's go.. Still not sure how to upload the time..shd take more a day..coz of time you wait for the foundation to dry...pls, read on ;)

I am trying to reduce buying of metal cans as much as I can..but when happens that out of laziness we buy processed food..here we go, I have no heart to put the cans away..thinking of environment..Hhmmm..my partner has probably a little different opinion...lately he says..no more rubbish in our flat..I say..no rubbish..it's a material!!! ..which costs nearly nothing..if we don't think about it much :)) ..of course we pay for all the packaging, wraps etc..in the end..but still hey..much less than all the ready to use fancy(easy) material available in art shop ...alright..stop your blah blah and get to the point..Sure.. LOL ..so xciting.. :)

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  • Step 1

    If you forgive me for this time, pls, am not gonna put up any pictures for this project, coz I reverse from done to the start :)
    Thank you for your understanding :)

    Well, have you washed your can after you enjoyed the content of it???
    Well done, let's move to step no. 2 ..

  • Step 2

    Here I advice you to open the windows wide or if it's reasonable weather, do this outdoors..PRIMER is very strong! Smells terribly..causes headache if in closed room..LOL I wish to find sthg more eco-logical which works the same as Primer..it is a great foundation..
    Take your brush and with the dilluted foundation (with acetone or so, otherwise it's too thick) do one or two coats..
    One at the time! :) Be patient..
    Each coat needs to dry well!

    Patience is the key...

  • Step 3

    Right..I agree..one coat is enough for what I did :)
    Primer keeps well..so no need to sand it..but again..upto you...if you are perfectionist :)

    So, once fully dry, get on with painting it, in my case white acrylic:)
    again, one or two coats..

  • Step 4

    While waiting for the paint to be dry, get on with your choice of pictures..images you wd like to decorate the "holder" with :)
    ..I called it X ..because you decide what it serves for..as a holder :)
    In my case paintbrushes,pens, pencils, art knife...
    I chose images of one italian novel book :)

  • Step 5

    And as an extra, as you noticed, I also attached at the top of can the measure tape (50cent shop:) with the hot glue gun, to be faster :))
    the images are holding fine with PVA..dilluted or non, what feels more sufficient to you at the time..
    I thought the "tape" gives it an extra super touch.. :)
    You can also decorate the final creation of yours with some funky liners...I think that even nail polish could work fine! :)
    Fantasy and imagination are unlimited..

  • Step 6

    And because I am wun of those "terrible" perfectionist..(if successful or not that's another issue... :)
    ..then I try to protect my creations at least with one coat of varnish..
    In this case I xperimented with Yacht varnish..I know a bit crazy..maybe..
    wanted to see which effect it will achieve..(Leave it to dry well before touching..I prefer a plastic cover to newspaper when working with acrylics, paints, glues..you avoid disasters like unwanted prints to your creation etc..old grandma's plastic tablecloth works miracles! :) I even wash it in the wasching machine on 30°C! Try it :)

  • Step 7

    At first I was quite disappointed, coz wanted it to look modern and clear..yet it reached the point of looking nearly ancient..haahaah..
    rather vintage as my boyfriend says..
    well...there you go...
    Free yourself of rational limitation and see where it takes you.. You might be well surprised :)
    In my case even at the second sight..hiihii..
    Stay with me and share with me what you like, thank you for following...Good Luck*Have Fun&N-Joy :)

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pretty!! <3!!

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