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Functionality at its finest.
So I got tendinitis, like, 5-6 years ago, and it hasn't gone away yet. I have it in both hands but presently its been bothering me non-stop in my right hand...normally I wrap it in horse tape, the stuff they use to wrap up horses legs, its amazing stuff, but, the downfall being that it starts to get all chaffy and stuff, and once its on, I leave it on all day.

So I decided to make myself a more re-usable/ removable brace to keep myself happy.

I don't think I've ever spend that long fitting something, really, its super contour to my hand/wrist/arm. And since I don't even think they make patterns for these things it took me a super long time to get it right...hence the 5 HOURS! But anywho...I didn't put any kind of stabilizer in there cause I still need the mobility in my wrist, I have a brace that keeps it stiff anyway. And, I hate it.

Only downfall to this one is that it keeps my arm just a little to warm.

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aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
Thanks! I totally got the idea for doing all those snaps after seeing a pair for industrial-ish pair of spats. (at least I think they're called spats, those things for shoes.)
Calla K.
Calla K. · Austin, Texas, US · 3 projects
Awesome brace! Its totally fashionable as well as useful, I could see it in a steampunk costume Happy