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mmmmmmm tasty
cause its yummy, simple to make and an all around pleaser

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  • Step 1

    The deli lover ........>

    its simple

    put the wrap on a plate, take some mayo and honey mustard and spread it on

    lay some slices of ham, salimi and pepperoni ontop

    roll it up and eat

  • Step 2

    greek style ...........>

    take some chicken peices, black olives and feta cheese

    mix it up in a bowl.

    Spread some garlic sauce or butter[and pepper] onto the wrap

    now add the chicken/olive/cheese to the middle

    roll and serve

  • Step 3

    spicy italian............>

    get some pepperoni, slice or dice it well

    get a tomato sauce add some garlic, chopped onion and parsly to the sauce

    spread the sauce on the wrap

    then place a layer of cheese, followed by the pepperoni or ground beef

    roll it, eat it

  • Step 4

    veg it........>

    in a frying pan heat up diced onions, peppers, olives, carrots and falaffle

    spread some hummus onto the wrap then...

    place the veg mix onto the wrap

    roll and serve it

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