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Make an old doily new again with scraps of yarn!
I’m one of those ladies that picks up doilies at the thrift store for 80 cents and thinks “Are you kidding me?! Those take forever to make!” and I carry them around the store like little treasures. Well, they are!

I also tend to buy groups of embroidery hoops. They’re usually really cheap and I have great luck in finding them at even greater reduced cost. I don’t embroider much, so it’s pretty ridiculous that I have as many as I do. I’m always keeping an eye out on things to do with my hoops. This project combines my two collections.

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  • Step 1

    I stretched the doily in the hoop, tightened it up, then brought out my scrap yarn jar. Using a regular old yarn needle, I wove various bits in an out of the doily until I was satisfied. It's the perfect project for gray winter days.

  • Step 2

    I covered most of the circular doily, but left a lot of the big open spaces in the pineapple doily…well, open. The pineapple turned into a leaf! I was really loving the effect and want to make moremoremore. This is the perfect sit-on-the-couch-with-a-movie project. Like granny squares, these would be absolutely perfect to use even the tiniest scraps of yarn on. Waste not, want not!

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Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
So pretty! It's a good idea! ^_^

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