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costume satin + shoddy lolita sewing = puke!
The worst Loli skirt ever, luckily it was practice. GIMME FEEDBACK I NEEDS IT TO LIVE!

Posted by Dragynfly from Mesa, Arizona, United States • Published See Dragynfly's 4 projects »


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Alexandra Graves
Alexandra Graves · 31 projects
its been 3 years since you posted this so im sure your better by now, but you made the skirt like a pillow case. it needs volume. circle skirts are easy. using just satin is a no -no.
Only Frills and Horses
Only Frills and Horses · Nottingham, England, GB · 59 projects
oh my. at least you admitted it's bad. my first lolita sewing project was real bad too XD you learn on the job
Gloom Cookie
Gloom Cookie · 5 projects
dont use shinny fabric for lolita as it looks cheap and tacky, use cotton
xALTER--EGO · Victoria, British Columbia, CA · 4 projects
At least double the amount of material you're using. Lolita skirts are very thick, floofy, flouncy! Lots of volume. They're usually very gathered at the waistband. (I made one using this easy-to-follow tutorial, and it turned out very lovely :3 http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=lolita+skirt+tutorial#/d1sr9nn)And I agree with what Apple B. said about the satin-- it implies sexy rather than demure and sweet. But your ruffles do look very good, as Dorine C. said. Take a look at the designer websites like Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Angelic Pretty, etc for ideas for embellishment, length, style, etc. Also, a petticoat underneath is always a good idea.
But I'd definitely say you are on the right track!! Keep going! :3
bunnytan · Nutley, New Jersey, US · 22 projects
I guess you shouldn't constrict the hem too much, so try adjusting the sides? :3 doing that will probably be good since you can go on and put a petticoat under. Also, add lace trim on the edge of the ruffle or wear a skirt underneath that has lace at the hem.
Also, add embellishments! a string of pearls, more lace, flowers - anything you want I guess. You should look up lolita styles on the net or in the gothic loli bible. Happy
The color's pretty nice though, pair it with a white/cream ruffle-y top and you're on your way to sweet lolita-ness. Happy

Agh, sorry I'm saying a lot. @___@ But I looked at the picture again and thought you can make them bloomers instead. Happy
Apple B.
Apple B. · Rockford, Illinois, US · 4 projects
At least you're trying. :3
My advice: never use satin for a loli project, as satin tends to carry more of a "lingerie" quality than is really desirable for a very modest fashion. A cute cotton print or a solid pastel with some good quality lace trim would be better.
Also, I think you might be happier with a wider, more circular skirt pattern. Bell skirts are not in fashion other than in lolita, so those are hard to find a pattern, but if you try the egl or sew_loli communities on Livejournal, you might find a skirt that would be not too hard to sew (plus you can fit petticoats under them).
I think your color choice was good, though, (pastels are good for beginning lolis, as opposed to black and white, which looks very maid-y) and your ruffles, as Dorine said, are well done, so you haven't got so very far to go. Keep trying! :3
Dorine C.
Dorine C. · Cardiff, Wales, GB · 3 projects
I don't think it's that bad. However satin in this colour is sort of unforgiving- i would need a lot of confidence to wear this!

On the plus side the ruffles look very well made Happy

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