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Based on World's Easiest Rum Balls by Vermin Jerky
Holiday Rum ball pops

These rum balls are boozy and delish.


-2 - 13oz jars chocolate/cocoa hazelnut spread (such as Nutella or Trader Joes Brand)
-4 - Sleeves graham crackers (about 19 oz)
1 - 200ml Rum (just over -4/5 of a cup)
1 - 16oz box powdered sugar (2 cups) **


1- 16oz Gihardelli sweet ground coco container ( in baking isle at Von's or Albertsons) or half powdered sugar half ground chocolate for powdered sugar for dredge.
1- Individule packet of single serve Starbucks Instant mocha hot coffee drink -mix into coco/ sugar dredge.

2 - 12 oz bags of Wilton's Dark candy coco melts
1- 0.05 oz Wilton's Bronze pearl dust

2 - 12 oz bags of Wilton's Dark candy coco melts
1- 0.05 oz Wilton's Bronze pearl dust
100 Ct.- cake pop treat bag set ( such as Baking Addict 4" cake pop treat set on Amazon) includes sticks, bags and twist ties.

Refridgerate the balls overnight as directed above ( DO NOT dredg in powdered sugar or cocoa)
Melt the coco candy melts as directed on the bag and using a tooth pick or cake pop stick dip the rum balls into the chocolate. For cake pops leave stick in rum ball for Bon Bon style remove stick and gentily brush some coco dip in a swirl motion over the hole left by the dipping stick. Allow 30 mins to cool and decorate with a paint brush and ediable bronze dust or use a small seasoning shaker to dust the tops.

The final product is elegant and each one looks and tastes like a fine work of culinary art.

YIELDS: About 100-130 rum balls about 1 inch in diameter.


GRAHAM CRACKER BASE: Finely crush the graham crackers. Blender, food processor, or the old fashioned way, by putting them in a gallon zipper bag and crushing them with a rolling pin.

MIXING (KNEADING): Add each of the ingredients EXCEPT the powdered sugar to a large mixing bowl about a quarter at a time. Fold the hazelnut spread into the cracker crumbs and top off with the rum. Knead with your hands. (Try to avoid touching the hazelnut spread until it's covered with crumbs and rum, this stuff is really sticky.) Knead the dough until it's about the consistency of bread dough or Play-Doh. (It should be somewhat firmer than, for instance, cookie dough. It has to hold its shape.)

MAKING BALLS: Pinch off small pieces of the dough and roll them into balls. Mine are about an inch in diameter. Put some of the powdered sugar in a bowl and roll each ball in the sugar until it's evenly coated. Divide the balls evenly between two large plastic containers with lids. (If you put them all in one container before they're firm, the bottom balls will may deform under the weight.)

FINISHING: Divide the remaining sugar between the two containers. If any rum balls have stuck together, gently pull them apart. Put the lid on the container and vigorously shake until each rum ball is thickly coated. Set the rum balls overnight in the fridge, or allow them to set for an hour in the freezer.

To buy:

(2) - 13oz jars Nutella. (chocolate/cocoa hazelnut spread)
(1) - pack or 4 - Sleeves graham crackers (about 19 oz)
(1) - lg. bottle dark spiced rum
(1) - 16oz Ghirardelli sweet ground chocolate/coco [Orange and gold label]

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