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so ruddy cool.
I fell in love with this 3D printed light sculpture that projects this amazing forest shadow -


But not having a 3D printer I turned to my lovely family and my wonderful Auntie Emily gave me a bunch of Corkscrew Hazel cuttings from her garden. You have no idea how nervous I was switching it on the first time, had no idea it'd work and work well :)

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  • How to make a floor lamp. Woodland Forest Lamp - Step 1
    Step 1

    You are entirely at the mercy of your branches I'm afraid! make sure you form a sturdy gap in the bottom for the light fixture.The idea is to go for as close to a globe shape as you can, I used cable ties to hold it together until I was happy with the shape.
    I used the small lamp base to hold it in place while I worked and then changed it to a floor lamp :)

  • How to make a floor lamp. Woodland Forest Lamp - Step 2
    Step 2

    Don't forget to move around it and get in for a good look at every angle to spot gaps to fill with smaller twigs. Once you're happy with your shape start securing your cable ties with lengths of thin wire. I've found a few since I've started using it that have slipped off purely because they were unnecessary, so don't panic. Also, gloves and glasses peeps! Got a wicked scratch in the chops from an errant wire!

  • Step 3

    once all your joins are secure, feed your light fixture in. I got mine from Argos, wee £5.99 uplighter. Secured it with a wodge of brown rubber bands so the friction would hold on the metal pole, they're fairly hidden by the thickness of the wood at the bottom but might wrap the pole in a nice natural twine. i'll update if I do :)

  • Step 4

    Don't forget to treat your lamp with a fire retardant spray! I got mine on line but you might be able to find some in an upholstery shop. Just because Dry twigs and hot bulb = danger

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