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Based on Wish In A Bottle by Kinhime Dragon
They aren't exactly wishing stars, but they could easily fall under that category.

The blue star is actually the Dragon Queen's Water star. For Valtor ( Winx club villain) invaded her world and she had to leave, but when she returned and sent Valtor running, she made her water star. It was formed by the seas of the Land Hidden In the Elements and forged from her fairy dust. And once Valtor was defeated, it was placed in the sky.

The White star has a sad story behind it. The Dragon Queen longed for someone to love her, so she drew herself a man to do just that. The man was Known as Althor, The Basilisk king. He never showed his face to her or made contact, because shortly after his creation, she fell in love with another man who loved her more then anything in the world. Over time hatred, and obsession grew in his heart. But her betrayal wasn't what made him snap, it was when she married the other man and became his lover that he then plotted to make her his forever. His plans were foiled one after another, until he realized that like all her other creations, she still cared for him dearly. Broken after what he had done, he killed himself, right in front of the Dragon Queen. She cried over his death, and when she looked up in the sky, a star with a white light shined. Not only did she decide to name the cliff he died on Althor's Peak, but she named the star one of Mourning, AKA The Mourning Star. When ever her people see this star, they remember all the people who gave there lives for the name of Love, Hope, Justice and The Land Hidden in the Elements....

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