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Leather and brass, 19th century style!
I wanted to steam up my pirate shirt a bit. Started with a 2" belt, decided I wanted a back protector piece, straps from one to t'other... and then realised I only had one 1" buckle for the 2 shoulder straps.

Need to get another buckle and do some staining and sealing but it's come on quite well for an afternoons work.

(Looks a lot better with the pirate shirt but didn't take any assembled pics with that on)

I'm going to add sheaths, pouches, holsters, etc for the main belt with snaps so I can swap em out according to whim :)

There will also be D rings to clip things to :)

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  • How to make a harness. Wip Steampunk Leather Harness - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut straps... Lots of straps... For this, I went with 1" and 2" wide. Basically made it up as I went along :P no real plans, just a vague idea that seems to be working! Best idea was to make the main buckles as a separate piece which attaches to the main belt with snaps. This will mean the whole thing can be put on/taken off without any buckling, just pop the snaps.

  • How to make a harness. Wip Steampunk Leather Harness - Step 2
    Step 2

    All the edges are finished with an edge beveller (this is a leather tool that basically takes the corner off the leather) and finished off with a slicker (wet the edges either with water or Gum Tragacanth and run the slicker along it to smooth out the rough edge and round it. Gives a lovely finish)

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Raven W.
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Ok... for some reason it turned it into a how-to. Sorry, wasn't meant to be! It's more a 'this it what I'm playing with now' sorta thing

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