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White Strappy Flip Flops

cute tie up flip-flops! • Posted by Izzy P.

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    First find an old pair of flip-flops and cut off the straps. Then paint them white all over (you don't have to paint the bottom).

  2. Small img 0348

    Once the paint has dried spray the flip-flops with permanent clear gloss finish.

  3. Small img 0349

    Once this has dried, spray on another coat and let this dry completely (this should take 1-2 hours).

  4. Small img 0765

    Now we can cut the cord. Cut two lengths of cord, both 135cm. Fold each length in half and tie a SMALL knot at the top.

  5. Small img 0766

    Turn the flip-flops over and thread the cord through the top hole (you may need the skewer to push the cord through the hole as it is quite small).

  6. Small img 0768

    The shoes should now look like this.

  7. Small img 0729

    Now thread the two bits of cord into the other holes to make the straps.

  8. Small img 0721

    Now you can wear the shoes!! Put the shoes on and tie the cord around your ankles or anyway you like. Have fun!