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Beautiful, floral designed cross over handbag.
What is really involved in giving a gift?

Last year I gave my mother-in-law a beautiful, glass clock that was made by a local artist. She loves the clock but informed me she is running out of wall and counter real-estate. So I had to come up with something for this year that did not take up space, was practical to her and her active lifestyle. With that in mind, I decided to make her a handbag. This is my first attempted and completed handbag that I have ever made.

With that said, off I went to my local library to find instructional books on purses, totes and bags. After hauling books back and forth to my home, I came up with what I thought was the perfect pattern. Except, the actual pattern was missing from the back of the library book. (How hard could it be to make a pattern!) After copying and reading and rereading the instructions I come up with what I thought was the right layout and design. This particular handbag pattern did not have an adjustable strap but since my mother-in-law is vertically challenged I thought having an adjustable strap would be better. With a few design changes I was ready to purchase the materials that was needed.

Did I tell you I never made a handbag before and have little experience with a sewing machine.

Have you ever been into a fabric story before? If not, it is somewhat like stepping into candy land. Shelves and shelves with rows and rows of brightly colored fabrics, ribbons, buttons and much, much more. My pattern called for two contrasting fabrics and I decided to throw in a third for the interior of the bag. (What harm could that cause!) After spend 45 minutes, yes 45 plus minutes, I found the perfect main material with contrasting fabrics. With another 20 looking for interfacing, zipper, hardware and thread I was ready for the checkout line. Oh did I also tell you the instruction call for 2 yards and I only purchased a yard and a half, it just worked out.

I was all set to complete this project, in let’s say 4 hours. (It felt like 3 days.) Really it only took about 8 hours but over 3 day period. It started out great with few errors until I come to the part where I had change the strap in the pattern. Missed measured, stitched the wrong side and on top of it I made the strap to narrow. In the end it looks pleasing and I am the only one that knows how debunked it is inside. (oops!)Now you know too.

With a few poked fingers, I hope I created a gift that will be enjoyable and useful to her. With that, I think I will try to make another one.

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AlterEgo Designs
AlterEgo Designs · Cleveland, Ohio, US · 31 projects
This is really great for a first attempt! If you hadn't said anything, I don't think anyone would've noticed anything wrong with it. Handbags can be really challenging to construct even with a little experience in working with patterns, so you should definitely feel good about this project.
Rosalie T.
Rosalie T. · 7 projects
Thank you, Happy Holidays!

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