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Wedding Veil

Knit your own wedding veil. • Posted by GMC Group

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  1. Thread a large eye beading needle with the yarn and string 475 #08 seed beads, adding extra beads just to make sure you have enough. Using straight needles, cast on 215 sts. Work Ruffle Rows 1-11 and Body Rows 1-21.

  2. CROWN Row 1: (P1, P2 tog) 3 times, purl across to last 9 sts, (P2 tog, P1) 3 times: 80 sts. Row 2: (K8, K2 tog) across: 72 sts. Row 3 AND ALL WRONG SIDE ROWS: H P1, WYB slip 1, slide bead up; repeat from H across to last 2 sts, P2. Row 4: (K7, K2 tog) across: 64 sts. Row 6: (K6, K2 tog) across: 56 sts. Row 8: (K5, K2 tog) across: 48 sts. Row 10: (K4, K2 tog) across: 40 sts. Row 12: (K3, K2 tog) across: 32 sts. Row 14: (K2, K2 tog) across: 24 sts. Row 16: (K1, K2 tog) across: 16 sts. Row 18: K2 tog across: 8 sts. Row 19: Repeat Row 3. Cut yarn leaving a long end for sewing.

  3. FINISHING Thread tapestry needle with end and slip remaining sts onto needle; gather to close (not tightly) and secure end; sew side seam.

  4. VEIL Cut an oval from the tulle, approximately 40" x 55" (101.5 cm x 139.5 cm). Using the diagram as a guide, sew a gathering stitch across the width, 5" (12.5 cm) from the top edge and gather to equal 3" (7.5 cm). Fold tulle along gathers and sew gathered edge to wrong side of knit cap centered at seam. Beginning at seam, weave 11/4 yards (1.143 meters) ribbon through Eyelet row; tie in a bow.