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Second Time Around Wedding Chapeau
Second time bride wanted a wedding fascinator that had some color, not too large, veiling not cover face and use leftover lace from her daughter's wedding gown, which had been fashioned from Mom's lacey curtains... (shades of Scarlett O'Hara)!

Posted by J.R.Nuerge from San Francisco, California, United States • Published

You Will Need

buckram hat frame, 3 10"x10" fabrics, one 5" felt, 16" thin round elastic, 6 feathers, decorative pin, hot glue gun
  • How to make a fascinator. Wedding Fascinator - Step 1
    Step 1

    10" x 10 squares of gauzy pink metallic as base fabric, sheer floral as second layer and topped with lace.

  • How to make a fascinator. Wedding Fascinator - Step 2
    Step 2

    5" diameter buckram frame, 6 white feathers, gold, crystal & pearl pin, one yard of white veiling, 16" thin round elastic(black or white), a 5" round of felt (I used hot pink), and 32" of 3/8" wide velvet ribbon (chocolate brown). Note: hat was for a blonde so I painted the white elastic with yellow & brown magic markers.

  • How to make a fascinator. Wedding Fascinator - Step 3
    Step 3

    Once layered, cut squared fabrics into rounds one inch larger than buckram frame. Loosely tack all three layers together close to edge. Hot glue to center of buckram frame. Turn under all 3 fabrics and hot glue all around, making sure that there are no obvious folds showing on top. If fabrics do not have much "give" place all folds at the back of the fascinator, where the veiling will be.

  • Step 4

    Sew or attach the pin to the left front of the hat. Place the individual feathers where you want them and glue each one. Loosely gather veiling and hot glue to underedge of hat at the back.

    Fit the felt lining to the underside and trim to a 1/4" from the underside edge. Glue to the center first. Cut a slit at the back 1 1/2" for overlap. NOW......make two holes in the felt directly across from each other and insert elastic. Make a double knot to the UNDERSIDE of the felt lining. NOW measure your head to determine where to knot the other side. Try on for comfort. Cut off excess elastic from the knot and put a dab of glue on each knot. NOW you may hot glue the felt lining, beginning at the front and working your way to the back. Alternate from side to side, smoothing out the felt. At the back, overlap at the cut.

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