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Wax Marbled Eggs

Marbled easter egg using wax, crayons and hot water • Posted by Ruth B.

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  1. Grate or peel a white wax candle. You will need about 1/4c wax.

  2. Grate or peel some crayons. Choose some nice colours that will go together.

  3. Pour some boiling water into a bowl. Sprinkle the white candle shavings onto the water and watch in awe as they melt and form a smooth layer of melty wax floating on top of the water.

  4. Sprinkle the coloured crayon shavings onto the hot wax. Swirl them around a bit as they melt to form pretty patterns.

  5. Dip and roll the egg in the hot wax. You can re-dip them as long as the wax is still liquid. Leave to dry.