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50 mins

a little box made out of a walnut <3
sorry, no pictures! this is a perfect little gift to give!

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  • Step 1

    take your walnut, break it open, and take out the nut.break along the seam so you have two equal halves.

  • Step 2

    next, cut your velvet in a circle a little bigger than the walnut halve, and glue it into the inside of ONE of the nut shell halves. if it hangs over, cut it and glue the edge of the fabric to the edge of the walnut shell.

  • Step 3

    glue one end of the wire to one of the walnut shell, and the other end to the other walnut shell, so it acts as a hinge.

  • Step 4

    glue tulle, pearls, sprays, ribbon, or whatever else onto the top to decorate it.
    *if you want, you can add a clasp to the front to make it stay closed

  • Step 5

    all done!

    kitty =.=

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