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use and old sweater to make your very own voodoo doll!
There comes a day when you realize not all browsers are created equal. Most developers discover this early on, but most users do not. Therefore, developers must support many versions of browsers that they wish would just crawl in a hole and disappear.

This is one reason I dealt with my frustration for Internet Explorer by upcycling a blue sweater into Iggy the IE voodoo doll. Each time an IE bug is found, Iggy gets a pin. You can also make a voodoo doll. It does not have to be for a browser you loathe.

Posted by Ashly C. from Broomfield, Colorado, United States • Published See Ashly C.'s 5 projects »

  • Step 1

    Sketch a doll outline. Don't skimp out, the fatter you can go - the better.

  • How to make a Doctor Who plushie. Voodoo Doll - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut out your amazing sketch and trace it onto your inside-out sweater. Cut the front and back torso panels at the same time if you can to keep the two pieces identical.

  • Step 3

    Keep your pieces inside-out and start sewing near the inside of one knee. Continue sewing around his outline stopping at the other inside knee joint.

  • Step 4

    Push the fabric through to turn him right-side-out. Stuff him trying to fill the outer extremities first (head, hands, feet). Keep going until he is plump and full, then hand stitch up the last section.

  • Step 5

    Fabric paint a dead expression on his face. Keep pins close at hand.

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Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
love it! Sooo funny!
Smoshdiamonds101 · Peterborough, England, GB · 7 projects
I love this! Especially the fact it has the IE logo. :')
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Bwahahahaha! I love it that you put the IE logo on it. (I'm a webdeveloper, IE stinks)

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