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Turning a disaster into a success, my vintage dress journey
Looking for a suitable dress for my daughters vintage wedding I decided to make a wearable toile of Vogue 2401. I had some lovely vintage 1950s fabric and decided to use this. I found the pattern construction quite challenging in places especially the bodice and front ties and personally didn't like the front skirt portion which was entirely separate and not attached to the sides and back at all. I therefore altered this aspect and made a separate complete skirt. I didn't have quite enough of the original fabric for the length I wanted so attached a contrast band to the hem and made matching turned back cuffs to the sleeves to tie it all in.
The pattern required about 4 metres of fabric and with the addition skirt pieces it took nearer 5 metres.
To make the skirt I used the back skirt pattern of the original pattern and then used the front side skirt pattern on the fold to create the new skirt front, I arrached the new skirt to the front and back bodice at the waist but left an opening in each side seam of about 6 inches to enable me to get the dress on as it has to be pulled over the head. There are no other fastenings on the garment. It merely ties at the front.
I love the dress now, but I think you would need some experience to figure it out.

Posted by jenny.bowman.77 from Grantham, England, United Kingdom • Published
  • Step 1

    Follow the pattern instructions, but cut two back skirt pieces, and cut the side front skirt pieces as directed plus one other placing the front edge on a fold.
    For the turn back cuffs cut four rectangles of fabric 4 inches deep by the circumference of your finished sleeve edge plus seam allowances. I cut two in main fabric and two in contrast.

  • Step 2

    Construct the garment per the pattern instructions except for the skirt front. Sew your second skirt back piece to your new skirt front at the side seams leaving a 6 inch opening at the waist edge on both sides. Neaten these openings.

  • Step 3

    Attach the skirt front to the bodice front and the skirt back to the bodice back at the waist seams.

  • Step 4

    Use iron on interfacing on two of the cuff pieces and join each cuff with right sides facing by sewing round 3 sides . One short edge, one long edge and down the second short edge. Turn cuffs right side out and press. Attach to the sleeves, press seam up towards sleeve and neatly top stitch on the right side of the sleeve to keep the cuff in place. Fold back .

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