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Made from a vintage leather belt
I really really really wanted a belt headband, and I knew I could make one. One tip before you start, try to stretch out your elastic headband before you glue, mine was brand new and not stretched and since gluing it made it not able to stretch in certain parts, it is a bit tight, so I recommend stretching first.

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  • Step 1

    Okay so first get your supplies. You will need

    - an elastic exercise headband, word of advice, stretch it first!!

    - A vintage, or not vintage, leather belt, it doesn't have to be huge, but since we are cutting it up, make sure to use one you don't mind not using as a belt again.

    - Ribbon that is a bit thick, I think mine is an inch thick, which is perfect you will need about 5 inches depending on the thickness of the belt

    - Strong scissors, super glue and alligator clips

  • Step 2

    So first we are going to measure how long you will need to cut your belt. First latch your belt on the smallest setting thingy and get a pen ready. put the belt over your head with the latched part on top, you can have the latch in the middle or to the side, mine is a bit to the left. Place your fingers where the belt meets your ears on the belt and mark those places with your pen.

  • Step 3

    Now hopefully you didn't unlatch the belt, cut your belt at the places where you made marks. The rest of the belt, the part without the latch, you can use how ever you want. If you want plain headband you can use just that part for the headband! But of course you would measure with that part, not the latched part.

  • Step 4

    Now take super glue, not tacky, I have learned, And Glue the latch part to the belt. Once that is dry, you may need to hold it together for a minute Take the tale that is sticking out of the belt loop and snip that about where you think the it ends in the middle of the loop. Put tacky glue (not super glue because it dries a bit to fast) on the end of the tale that is left, glue it to the under part of the belt loop so it isn't showing out the other end.

  • Step 5

    YAY! We are dry! Now get to stretching your elastic headband. I didn't stretch mine, so it barley fits around my head!! So stretch it first, please! So Now get super glue, this part will be a bit quick, get your super glue and squirt glue all across the belt in a strip and quickly put the headband onto it, try to make it straight if you can!! Clamp it with alligator clips or something similar. Let that dry, we are almost finished!

  • Step 6

    Now once you are cry cut two lengths of ribbon, not too long, I think I needed about three inches each, but you may need more depending on your belt, and get tacky or super glue depending on your preference, Now where the belt ends and you can see the elastic is where you can glue the ribbon. Glue the middle of the ribbon to the front of the belt part and wrap around the other side and glue, this is just to make it a bit less scragely.

  • Step 7

    Once you are all dry, you have a super cute headband to wear around, that not many others will have ;)

    I love comments and any questions I will answer asap! I hope you like your new headband as much as I love mine :)

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