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Based on Vampire Fangs by BloodySugar
I always wanted to make my own fangs, but before I could find the courage (and the ressources) to make clip-on ones, I tried this tutorial and i LOVE it!

My denture glue is pink (fml...) but it doesn't show too bad even when I give a big, big smile...

I made several teeth, including a set of four to give me the Underworld look that I love so much. I ended up wearing the subtle 'front' teeth ones on a random day for the heck of it. They are fun because they're not... crazy huge "look, a vampire!!!" fangs but very small and still people notice something's off... haha...

I still need to figure out a way to slightly stain them because my teeth aren't perfeclty white - and the nails are. Damnit. Will try giving them a black tea bath soon.

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