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Tutorial: I'll Stop the World and Melt With You
Anyone who owns crayons has at least a few broken bits laying around. Don't toss 'em, melt 'em! It's really fun and easy to turn ugly lumps of wax into beautiful, smooth, swirly heart shaped crayons! They're fun to give as gifts, especially around Valentine's day!

I sorted mine into color-themes: blue and green, pink and red, orange and yellow but you could *yawn!* make solid colors instead or get really wild and just mix colors together randomly. Be sure to take them from the oven gently or the colors will all mix together.

Posted by Blue Mama from Austin, Texas, United States • Published See Blue Mama's 7 projects »

  • Step 1

    Choose which crayons to use, decide on a color palette.

  • How to make a crayons. Valentine's Day Crayons - Step 2
    Step 2

    Use a razor blade to remove the labels.

  • How to make a crayons. Valentine's Day Crayons - Step 3
    Step 3

    Break crayons into small chunks.

  • Step 4

    Put pieces into the mini-heart pan until the bottom is pretty much covered, three or four pieces should be fine.

  • How to make a crayons. Valentine's Day Crayons - Step 5
    Step 5

    Set the oven to 250, then put the heart shaped pan on top of a cookie sheet for stability. Remove the pan from the oven when all of the crayons are melted.

  • Step 6

    Let cool completely, about an hour or overnight then pop out of the pan and enjoy!



starpower n.
starpower n. · Twin Falls, Idaho, US
can u use a rubber like one? i am young so i dont know these things! i should really ask my home ec teacher!
Runs With Scissors
Runs With Scissors · 5 projects
ummmmm....... i used a 2yr old silicone ice cube tray from Ikea in my toaster oven for this. it started to melt. can freezer burn lower silicone's heat resistance?????
Natalie C.
Natalie C. · Singapore, SG · 5 projects
Hey, I'm just asking, will it work if I use a microwave instead? Cos' its easier and I might need permission from my grandma to use her oven and I'm scared I'll ruin hers. So yeah.. Is it okay to use a microwave instead?
Anna G.
Anna G. · 3 projects
would you be able to keep on remelting them ???
like if these ones that you just melted also get used alot ... and you recycle again ? is that bad for them or is it possible ?
This might be a dumb question, but can you still use the pan for baking afterwards? im just scared the ink might stay or something X3 but great idea, i love it!
ellen p.
ellen p.
cool! does anyone know where you can get hello kitty moulds?
Maariyah M.
Maariyah M. · Teaneck, New Jersey, US · 1 project
wow thats so cool! Once my bff and me were looking for her crayon carier and when we found it it ontop of her heater and all of her good crayons melted!! (Blame the housekeeper!)so we decided to scrape all of the melted crayon bits out and but most of them into a yogurt tube thing and put on the heater again so it would melt and turn into a multi colored crayon!!!! But i'm not sure if that ever worked 'cause i don't think she put it on or told but oh well it was fun!!!!! Happy
Blue Mama
Blue Mama · Austin, Texas, US · 7 projects
Hi Glowie: No, this is a baking pan. I was going to buy the ice cube one but it was sold out. This one is a bit deeper. I don't recall if the ice cube one said it could be baked too...but it seems like it should be fine--I think they are both silicone.
KMOM14 · Fort Wayne, Indiana, US · 378 projects
Cute idea and great way to upcycle broken crayons!
Sophie :D
Sophie :D · Dereham, England, GB · 17 projects
These are really cool!
Just a question, is the heart tray a plastic one, like one used for ice-cubes?
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