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Time to comfy up that uncomfortable wooden chair.

I was once an avid collector of Indian Cotton bedspreads. I also have a Danish Modern wooden chair that I freecycled from an alleyway back when I was in college. Until last night I'd been using some mismatched throw pillows (also freecycled) as chair cushions. A bit of inspiration hit and I decided to make good use of one of the more worn bedspreads in my collection to comfy up this old chair.

Making baffled cushions is actually a pretty simple process once you get the hang of it. It just takes a bit of planning when you're sewing everything together. If you feel really adventurous, you can make your own futon mattress even! :D

Bobble Stool Cover

Bobble Stool Cover

Simple Crochet Cover

♥ 1
Roman Stripes Patchwork Cushion

Roman Stripes Patchwork Cushion

Flat cushion

♥ 7
Finger Knitted Chair Cushion

Finger Knitted Chair Cushion

A heart shaped cushion for a child's rocking chair

♥ 2
Bench Cushion

Bench Cushion

puppies in planes

♥ 1
Bun Bun Sitting Pad

Bun Bun Sitting Pad

Bun Bun Sitting Pad,Sitting Pad

♥ 14
Round Cushion

Round Cushion

Knit a padded round seat cushion.

♥ 27


CO + K User

i'm completelt jealous of that fabric. beautiful idea!

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