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Turn those old jeans and shirts into creative useful handbags!
Oh man this one was a challenge! I have NEVER done anything quiet like this and I only went off a brainstorm so I didn't make a how to as there was a lot of stops, starts and re-dos and a few bent and broken sewing needles...LOL.

I just took an old pair of my sons jeans and eyeballed where I wanted to cut them off and an old red shirt for the liner and started working with fitting them together in a sensible way.

I had no idea what I was doing I just did it by the seat of my pants... (no pun intended.. HA!).

I used an old belt from my honey for a nice long shoulder strap, an old zipper I had and one of my many favorite scarves to dress it up with one of my cutie little pins and an odd little pooch I had on a leash as trinkets to give it a bit of character.

Since I have lots of outside pockets I didn't do any inside, only a hook to hang my keys off of. I just put all my little stuff in a neat little organizer bag. Ta daaaaaaaaaaa! I love it!

Success in all you do!

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Nattie Gurl
Nattie Gurl · 58 projects
I didn't make a how-to (tut) as I have never done one of these before and I wasn't quiet sure what I was doing, just playing "by the seat of my pants"...hahaha I am sure there is a knowledgeable way to do this and much better advice than I could give.. I just pulled a "Nike"and "Did it"...lol ;-)~
Christina T.
Christina T. · Orlando, Florida, US

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