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15 mins

Nice and easy
Nice and unique paper beads!
(sorry for my bad English >< I hope you understand my description!)

It's almost the same way as you make paper mache (with glue which you use to stick wallpaper to the walls).

It's about 15 minutes to make, but time for drying is a bit difficult to say >_<

Posted by DinjaDONUT from Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands • Published See DinjaDONUT's 4 projects »
  • Step 1

    You need a page from the newspaper.
    Mix the glue with the newspaper page (it has to be sticky, and not too wet)and try to make a ball out of it.

  • Step 2

    Stick the knitting needle through the ball, and let it dry for a few hours (sometimes it took a few days).

  • Step 3

    When it's dry, take the knitting needle out of the ball (yeah you've got your own bead!).
    If it's still a bit wet, then you can shape it a bit and let it dry for a few more hours.

  • Step 4

    When it's totally dry, you can paint it in any color you like.

  • Step 5

    And if you like you can add some nail polish to it.
    Let it sparkle and shine with some glittery nail polish!

  • Step 6

    Done ^_^
    now you can make your unique jewelry!

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