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Union Jack Pin Cushion

Keep your pins close at hand with some Brit kitsch! • Posted by Cat Morley

I use to use a store bought plastic wrist pin cushion but it was really uncomfortable to wear, so I decided to make my own with an elastic strap.

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I use to use a store bought plastic wrist pin cushion but it was really uncomfortable to wear, so I decided to make my own with an elastic strap.


  1. Small pin1 1276209024

    Cut a square of aida fabric and secure it in to an embroidery hoop.

  2. Small pin2 1276209095

    Thread a needle with some red embroidery floss. Most people use 2 strands but I like to use 3. Make a \ stitch and knot the stitch in place at the back.

  3. Small pin3 1276209180

    Make 4 more \ stitches.

  4. Small pin4 1276209377

    Stitch back the way with 4 / stitches, making 4 squares.

  5. Small pin5 1276209754

    Repeat this method and stitch a total of 10 rows.

  6. Small pin6 1276209791

    Miss out 4 rows and stitch 10 more rows.

  7. Small pin7 1276209867

    Starting 12 blocks to the left of the cross, stitch 28 blocks wide.

  8. Small pin8 1276209960

    Repeat this for all the other rows down until you have 4 rows.

  9. Small pin9 1276210107

    Now stitch the diagonal crosses, these are two blocks wide. Make sure to stop stitching one block before the cross.

  10. Small pin10 1276210154

    Now thread your needle with blue floss and start stitching in the flag. Stitch up to 1 block away from the diagonal line and the cross.

  11. Small pin11 1276210152

    On the other side of the diagonal line, stitch 2 blocks away from the line.

  12. Small pin12 1276210177

    The pattern alternates depending on which area of the flag you're working on, so make sure your stitching matches this design.

  13. Small pin13 1276210184

    Thread your needle with white floss and stitch in the white lines,

  14. Small pin14 1276211144

    It should look like this when its all done.

  15. Small pin15 1276211197

    You can leave the back of your cushion blank but if you want to make it super cute, you could stitch a little heart.

  16. Small pin16 1276211188

    Make two / stitches, then skip two holes and stitch two more / stitches.

  17. Small pin17 1276211230

    Make a \ stitch one hole further to the right and then make one more. Miss out two holes and make two more \ stitches.

  18. Small pin18 1276211218

    Stitch 2 rows of 7 blocks.

  19. Small pin19 1276211233

    Start the 4th row with a \, stitch5 blocks and end the row with a /.

  20. Small pin20 1276211258

    Continue this down, decreasing by one block at either side.

  21. Small pin21 1276211270

    Decrease by another block on either side and your red heart is finished.

  22. Small pin22 1276211282

    Stitch one white lines around the outside of the red, repeating the same pattern.

  23. Small pin23 1276211330

    Now stitch a blue heart, 2 blocks wide around the outside of the white.

  24. Small pin24 1276211390

    Your heart should look like this.

  25. Small pin25 1276211409

    I made a little border by stitching one red block, missing a block and then stitching a blue block around the outside of the heart.

  26. Small pin26 1276211480

    Cut out your two sides, leaving a 2 block border.

  27. Small pin27 1276211489

    Place the two sides, wrong sides facing out and stitch a straight line along the top and bottom.

  28. Small pin28 1276211601

    Fold right side out and it should look like this.

  29. Small pin29 1276211753

    Cut a length of thick black elastic to fit your wrist.

  30. Small pin30 1276211782

    Slip through your flag and stitch the opens end together. Place the stitched area on the inside of the flag. Fold the edges of one of the side under and stitch together, stitching through the elastic.

  31. Small pin31 1276211959

    Stuff the open end with stuffing, so that the pin cushion is nice and fat.

  32. Small pin32 1276212008

    Stitch the final end closed and you're all done.

  33. Small cushion4 1276212754

    Slip on your wrist and you're ready to start sewing!