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Just looking for snob-free freedback -_-
I made this just kinda delving into making a prettier dress. I was just wondering how I could improve for sake of other people. I realize there are parts of it that are off, it was more for learning than making something to wear.

By the way: I didn't care for the fabric I used. Like I said, this was made solely for learning and improvement more so than having something to wear. -_- I tried to stress that on another site I completely gave up on today. I digress though... Feed back please?

(I had to blur out embarrassing kitchen products -_-)

Posted by Bree Bree! ^___^ from Carbondale, Illinois, United States • Published See Bree Bree! ^___^'s 3 projects »

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Noel N.
Noel N. · Pensacola, Florida, US · 1 project
adorable =^.^=
Heather S.
Heather S.
I think you an awesome job. The straps looks great, for some reason I always have a hard time spacing mine correctly. And you did really good with the fitting, actually I'm not sure where the parts that are "off" are at. It's very nice, don't let other people discourage you.
Bree Bree! ^___^
Bree Bree! ^___^ · Carbondale, Illinois, US · 3 projects
for the top I used McCALL'S M4709 with a few alterations. There are three tops to pick from though. ^_^;
Betty K.
Betty K. · New York, New York, US · 17 projects
I love the shape of the top of the dress! I would love to wear just the top w/ jeans... i'm not much of a skirt person... do you have a how-to or pattern available for the top half?
zoë · 156 projects
you're a lot further and braver than I am. I want to make a dress, but slightly scared. For your first time, I think you did a great job. I see that patience is a must...
it's all about the patience.

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