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Twisted Sister Brick Stitch Pendant

This necklace adds a modern twist to traditional brick stitch, using up to the minute black and silver and funky dagger beads. • Posted by Beads Unlimited

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    To make your beaded pendant in square stitch, prepare your needle with about 150cm of thread. Pick up a black rocaille and slide to about 15cm from the end of your thread. Create a stop bead by taking your needle round and through the rocaille again. Pull tight to secure. Pick up 9 more black rocailles. To begin the 2nd row, pick up a black rocaille and pass the thread back through the previous bead on the 1st row. Turn the needle and pass through the bead you just added. Pick up 1 silver rocaille and pass the needle back through the rocaille adjacent to it on row 1. Turn the needle and pass the thread back through the silver rocaille. Continue all the way across the row in this way adding 8 more silver rocailles and 1 black.

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    The 2 rows may seem a bit uneven at this point, so they need to be secured together. To do this, pass the needle all the way back through the 1st row, then turn and come back through the 2nd row. Follow steps 1 and 2 to add the remaining 8 rows using fig.3 as a pattern template. To finish off, weave your thread through the beaded pendant, knotting in-between rocailles on the edges to secure. Trim off any excess thread.

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    To add the daggers to the beaded pendant, prepare your needle with another 150cm of thread. For strength attach the thread to your pendant by weaving through occasionally knotting in-between rocailles. Come out at the end of the top row. Pick up 1 dagger, weave back through the 1st bead on the 2nd row and back out the 1st bead on the 3rd row. Pick up your next dagger and continue all the way round 3 sides of the pendant. For a fuller effect, simply go round again adding more daggers in-between.

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    To make the necklace chain, cut 3 x 100cm of thread and knot them together about 15cm in from the end. Thread your needle onto 1 of the lengths and thread on black rocailles interspersed with dagger beads every 3 or 4cm until your beaded strand is about 24cm in length. Pass the needle through the top row of rocailles on your beaded pendant and begin adding more rocailles and dagger beads until you have a matching 24cm length on the other side. Loop round and through the last rocaille to make a stop bead. The 2nd strand is made in a similar way but with silver rocailles instead of black. This time, however, pass through 1 rocaille on the 1st strand you made every 10 beads or so to give the strands a criss cross look. When you reach the beaded pendant pass through the 2nd row and repeat on the other side. Loop round and through the stop bead on the 1st row to finish. Add the 3rd strand in the same way, this time using black rocailles again and passing through the 3rd row when you reach the pendant. To finish off, knot all 3 strands together several times as close to the last rocaille added as you can. Seal the knot inside a calotte and attach a jump ring to the calotte. Repeat on the other end but add your trigger clasp instead of a jump ring. Trim off any excess thread.

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    Your finished necklace should look something like this.