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Totally Tubular Necklace

Silver chain glitters and shines through tiny clear tubes on this easy to make necklace. • Posted by Doris B.

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    1) Here are a few of the materials that you will need in creating this necklace. Purchase the 1/4" tubing from the plumbing section of a hardware store.

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    2) Wrap the silver chain length around your neck loosely to decide how long your necklace will be. Fold the chain in half and use the needle nose pliers to open a single metal link and separate the chain into two equal lengths. Another approach is to cut the single metal link using the wire cutter and achieve the same results. Next, use the needle nose pliers to and add a jump ring to the end of one chain length and the lobster claw to the end of the second chain length. These two ends will become the closure for your necklace.

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    3) Use scissors to cut the clear tubing into short little pieces. I would compare the pieces to the short, tubular pasta known as dittalini. Each cut piece of tube is about ¼” long. Keeping the tubing short will help the chain remain flexible when the necklace is put together. It is very important to check out in advance that your silver chain is narrow enough to go through the tubing easily. Begin threading the small pieces of tubing on to both chain lengths. Connect the tube covered chains using the needle nose pliers and a single jump ring. Set the necklace aside.

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    4) To create the star shaped pendant, begin by cutting two more pieces of tubing, each about 1” in length. You could make the tubing longer for a more dramatic look also. Use scissors to carefully split each tube in half lengthwise by cutting through the middle length of each tube. You will only need three pieces; the fourth can be saved for a future project.

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    5) Stack the three tube pieces in a stack, overlapping them and arranging them into the star shape. There will be six points on the star. Carefully pierce all the way through the center of the tubing using a utility knife. Select a decorative brad for the center of the star and carefully push the brad through the center of the star. Open the metal wings and flatten them onto the back of two of the star points. Poke a tiny hole through the top point of the star pendant. Push a jump ring through the hole and attach the pendant to the center of the chain.