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Toilet Roll Cat Toy

What can't you make out of a toilet roll?! • Posted by Shivi

What cat can resist little birdie feathers?

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What cat can resist little birdie feathers?


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    Cut your toilet roll in half with your scissors.

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    Stab a hole in the toilet roll with the pencil somewhere in the center.

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    Place the feathers together with the points overlapping a bit.

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    With the piece of feathery wool (you can use normal wool too) tie a couple of knots around the points making sure they are secure. If it's getting a little fiddly, use a bit of tape to hold the feathers together and then tie the wool around them.

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    Feed the other end of the wool through the hole from the bottom of it.

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    Push the feather through the toilet roll and pull the wool until it won't go any further. Make sure there is a feather sticking out either side of the toilet roll.

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    Then give it to your pussy cat! (Sorry about the dark picture)