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cute little bracelet pal i made for my two year old
a lovable toilet paper roll bracelet that i made for my two year old.

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  • Step 1

    first i cut the toilet paper roll lengthwise.

  • Step 2

    next i cut it in 3 equal parts (depending on the length of your roll you can get 4 or six pieces)

  • Step 3

    i then wrap my fabric about halfway around the roll and glued it down, then bring your fabric up tucking the fabric under so it meets the first half and glue it down.

  • Step 4

    for the little head i took another piece a fabric cut it in a small circle, then take my needle and thread and sewed a running stitch along the edge. put filling in and stitched it shut.

  • Step 5

    i kinda pinch one edge up and did a back stitch on one side then the same thing on the next side to make the ears.

  • Step 6

    take your glue gun and put a small dab on the back of two googly eyes and stick them on the face and use a fabric marker to draw on the mouth. you can also do this for the eyes if you don't have any googly eyes lying around

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