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Turn a turtleneck sweater in to a shrug.

What do you do when you want to keep both your arms and your neck warm? Recycle a turtleneck sweater with raglan sleeves into this sporty shrug. This shrug lets you to show off a funky T-shirt while keeping you warm and comfy.

Getting Started
Take apart the sweater at the neck and the raglan seams. You won’t need the sweater front or back pieces (save them for another project). Keep the turtleneck and sleeves.

Extract from

Sweater Surgery by Stefanie Girard

Published by Quarry Books

Contemporary crafters are thriving on personalizing, modifying, and altering fashion, and as a way to take a greener approach to their creative lifestyle.


This book shows you how to upcycle all your slightly worn, slightly damaged, or out-of-style sweaters into fabulous new items for your wardrobe and your home. Readers learn how to choose, cut, restitch, felt, and embellish old sweater fabric, transforming it into beautiful handbags, mittens, scarves, hats, hoodies, skirts, jewelry, soft toys, pillows, and more!


Complete instructions for 27 projects, plus a huge gallery of exciting ideas for further inspiration.

© 2016 Stefanie Girard / Quarry Books · Reproduced with permission.


  • Step 1

    Slip on the turtleneck and sleeves and safety pin them together so that the new shrug fits comfortably. Take off the shrug and adjust the pins so the new seam and sleeves are symmetrical.

  • Step 2

    Lap the sleeves under the neck and hand stitch on the underside along the edge, for a smooth, flat lapped seam. You might find there is extra sleeve fabric at the neck; trim it away. A second row of stitching makes a more secure seam.

    Sometimes, the turtleneck section doesn’t have a seam because it is knit directly to the body of the sweater. Simply determine the last row of stitches in the body of the sweater and cut them to release the intact neck stitches.

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Ed D.
Ed D. · Singapore, SG · 1 project
Nice but could there be pictures?
Mac S.
Mac S.
That is freekin gorgeous and the color is amazing on you (or whoever the model is)!
snixysnix · Salt Lake City, Utah, US · 4 projects
This is perfect so you can show your graphic tee and still stay cozy warm! Working on mine today Happy
Melody N.
Melody N.
This is a really cool idea. Love it! <3
Jay Jay&Growler!
Jay Jay&Growler! · Sacramento, California, US
very cool i will def. make this,this winter
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awesome idea was thinking of knitting something for warm sleeping night in this cold winter.;-D but this is much easyer to make and quicker.LOL, i think it works too with an normal sweater, thank you for sharing the tute and the idea.
sooo coool and handy and comfy. love it.;-D
Egleriel Adonnenniel
Egleriel Adonnenniel · Olean, New York, US · 9 projects
Hmm, that's quite the interesting idea.

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