Cut Out + Keep

Tissue Box Cover

Dress up those boring store-bought tissue boxes with duct tape covers that match your room and your personality. • Posted by Ulysses Press

You will need

Project Budget


1 h 00


Medium duct tape tissue box



  1. Small duct tape tissue01

    Create four 4½ x 5¼-inch double-sided fabric sheets and one 4½-inch square double-sided sheet.

  2. Small duct tape tissue02

    In the center of the 4½-inch square sheet, measure and draw a 1 x 2½-inch rectangle.

  3. Small duct tape tissue03

    Draw a 1½-inch line lengthwise down the center of the rectangle, then finish the line on each end with a triangle that connects at the corners.

  4. Cut on the center line and the triangles to form an opening.

  5. Small duct tape tissue04

    Fold back the four flaps you’ve created and use strips of tape to secure them in place.

  6. Small duct tape tissue05

    To assemble the sides, arrange the remaining sheets on the cutting mat with the wrong sides up. The square should be in the center with the four rectangles on the sides.

  7. Small duct tape tissue06

    Cut two 4½-inch strips of tape in half lengthwise and use them to attach the four sides to the square.

  8. Small duct tape tissue07

    Cut four 5¼-inch strips and place them halfway over each side of two opposite rectangles.

  9. Small duct tape tissue08

    Lift a side with overhang and the side next to it. With the overhang on the inside, line the edges up and connect them to create a corner. Be sure to press down the tape on the inside.

  10. Repeat with the other sides and turn the cover over.

  11. Small duct tape tissue09

    Cut a 4½-inch strip of tape in half lengthwise and use the strips to cover the top seams on two opposite sides.

  12. Small duct tape tissue10

    Cut two additional 4½-inch strips of tape in half lengthwise and use them to trim the four bottom edges.

  13. Small duct tape tissue11

    Now cut a 16-inch strip of tape in half lengthwise. On one of the remaining sides, center the strip over the top seam and bring it down around either side.

  14. Small duct tape tissue12

    Cut a slit in the top corners and lay the tape flat.

  15. Fold the remaining tape around the bottom to the inside.

  16. Repeat on the other side.