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Sew a Tiny Village of Plush Pillows
These pillows are so fun, and all they take to make is some scrap materials and a bit of creativity! You could make any type of building that you want, like a diner, saloon, night club and more. I'm planning on creating a bunch of them for my sofa, can you imagine a whole village of these things!

Posted by The Sewing Maven from Des Moines, Iowa, United States • Published See The Sewing Maven's 29 projects »
  • Step 1

    I'm sorry I don't have photos for the steps, but these pillows are so simple even a beginner could make them. First create a pattern for your pillow. It could be in the shape of a house, oval, rectangular; pick a shape that suits the building you want to make.

  • Step 2

    Next go through your scraps and arrange the scraps on the template how you would like the pillow to look. Be sure that the scraps cover the template with extra fabric to account for seams. Then sew the scraps together, trace the template shape on the fabric piece and cut out the shape. Repeat these steps for the back of the pillow.

  • Step 3

    Here's your chance to really get creative! Add embellishments like buttons, lace, ribbon, etc. Make a door and windows if you want and applique them with a zig zag or other decorative stitch. If you want to create some text to go on the pillow, choose a thicker scrap fabric and write out the words, then use a short narrow zig zag stitch and sew over the letters. (You will want to reverse and go over the letters a few times to make the stitching pronounced.)

  • Step 4

    Finally pin the front of the pillow to the back, right sides together and sew. Leave an opening to turn your pillow right side out, stuff with fiberfill and then sew the opening closed with a decorative stitch. These pillows make awesome gifts, or create a Tiny Village for your home.

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