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30 mins

For Dogs, dolls, funnies or cute Decoration. :)
It's a little floppy, so I had to hold it up in the photos. My dogs Tobi, Rusty, and Scotty don't mind a thing! (Until they see the green ball, they try to attack it and it's quite hilarious.)
My friend helped with the decoration.
I was surprised how it wasn't even snug when I put it on them, and that I could use this for anything. Thanks for looking! :)

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Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
the hat looks good on them Happy I'm surprised they actually wear it; my dogs tear everything off unless it's cold and they're wearing a sweater.
DeathofDawn · Pensacola, Florida, US · 9 projects
Aww. Haha, they are fine with it as long as they don't see the green fur ball on top. Then they go crazy like, "Ball! Gimme!"
Scotty hates T-shirts but will wear a sweater, and Rusty LOVES clothes he actually tries to put them on himself. Tobi will wear them, but if he gets warm he'll take them off sense he is longhaired. Happy
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
cuteHappy are they babies or teacups or both?
DeathofDawn · Pensacola, Florida, US · 9 projects
The black and red one is a teacup, that's his full size. His name is Scotty and he only weighs two pounds. Tobi is a baby (Long hair Chihuahua) will be five pounds and, Rusty is also (Rare Brown and Hazel eyes color) will be six. I didn't know how big they all were gonna be when I got them, but they are full with spunk!

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