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Tin Fondue Set

Turn an old Altoids tin in to a fondue set. • Posted by Cat Morley

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    Find a nice square tin and remove the lid.

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    Bend a piece of wire in to the shape of the tin. Make sure it fits nicely around the tin. Re-inforce the wire shape by wrapping more wire around it.

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    Cut 4 strips of wire, each about 10". Fold each strip in half, leave a small loop at the bottom and then twist the wire until about half way up.

  4. Small 854

    Attach each strip at each corner of the wire rectangle.

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    Re-inforce the whole frame by wrapping more wire around it. You have now made your stand.

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    Place your tin in to your stand. Make sure it's nice and secure.

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    Pick a nice selection of fondue treats. I recommend strawberries, sliced banana, shortbread cookies and marshmallows.

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    Light a tea light candle and place it under the frame and tin.

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    Place a few pieces of chocolate in the tin and leave to melt. Dip your goodies in chocolate and enjoy. Mmm.