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Final project for apparel dose
This dress in all actuality is finished. However I would love to add a couple of layers of tool to the bottom to give it some extra poof and some needed length to hide my Godzilla legs :P and possibly bring it in in the waist for a more fitted look. its been a year now however and still it is untouched... can you say new years resolution? i'll post pictures when the time comes that I get smart and procrastinate procrastination.

This dress was an altered pattern I found at walmart. I decided to add lace and gather the skirt for a more fancy schmancy beauty and the beast bell's ball gown look. While i was making this in my apparel two class every one always commented on how amazingly complicated the bottom of the dress looked, when in actuality I just hand stitched large gather stitches and pulled to the wanted length.

and actually funny story here, the dress was supposed to be long and blowy but me being me wanted it to be a but shorter. So, I cut it... waaaay to short (i mean not even mrs. slutty mc slutter nut would wear it that short), and the way I fixed it was to obviously sew some of the bottom back on. But now you can see the seam, an ugly seam, which got me thinking how i could possibly alter the skirt to hide my stupidity. and this is the product of that.. comment... constructive criticism, likes, dislikes.. you know how it works.

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