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Tibetian Prayer Flags

for peace of mind • Posted by michelle G.

my own version of prayer flags

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my own version of prayer flags


  1. Small screen shot 2011 03 19 at 12.47.44 am 1300506832

    find some prayers you want to use in illustrator, create line art by selecting the object- then select live trace- then expand then highlight the object again hit ungroup and erase any white spots left over from the trace then reverse the image

  2. now repeat with the other images -------------- and print the images off on heat transfer paper now you can either iron on or use a heat press ---------- cut out your images

  3. Small img 0001 1300561864

    I used a heat press preheat press to about 200 ------------------------ get your parchment paper near when the machine is ready lay fabric down, folled by transfer sheet, image faces down ----------------- press the handle down and hold for 30 secs then release handle remove transfer right away

  4. let cool and repeat with other peices

  5. Small img 0011 1300561894

    then arrange the flags in the way you want them to hang

  6. Small img 0014 1300561893

    then I hand stiched them on