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Mix up The Silver Cheeze Fizz cocktail with Jiggers in Ghent, Belgium
Yes that's right, cheese in your drink. At Jigger's we try to evoke some oohs and aahs by testing your tastebuds. Although it sounds crazy, rhum agricole or lots of rum in general and blue cheese have a lot of similar aromas, so the choice to combine the two was only a matter of time for us.This is a most refreshing and savoury drink.

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  • Step 1

    Shake everything without ice to make sure the egg white dissolves well and creates a nice foamy emulsion. Shake the whole again with lots of ice cubes, no that's not enough, more ice cubes, it needs to be ice cold! Strain this in a fizz glass and top of with the amount of soda you like. Put some pepper on top, go crazy on the garnish, the egg white can bring an acquired smell so it's always nice to cover that one with a spray of lemon zest or a sprig of mint, basil or whatever is in reach. Drink it down quick before it loses it's effervescence!

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