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Based on The Legend Of Zelda Fairy Keychain by Myah C.
When I saw this on here I just had to make one of my own! :) This was a pretty simple project. All you need is a small jar with a cork, scissors, fishing line, a needle, a pom-pom, glittery cardboard, and a hot glue gun. First cut out the fairy wings form the glittery cardboard and hot glue them to your pom-pom to make your fairy. Then thread the fishing line threw the needle and feed it threw the top of the pom-pom and then back threw the bottom of the pom-pom and tie it off leaving yourself a good 6 inch or so to feed threw the cork so your fairy will appear to float in the bottle. I used a spot of hot glue on the top of the cork to hold the fishing line in place once my fairy was floating where I liked. And it's that simple! :)

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