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The eyeliner flick gives a dramatic effect that works fantastically on its own, but can also add definition to a smoky eye or bright eyeshadow look. It bulks up the look of your lashes and is really versatile. Use the liner thin to create a sharp, sophisticated line for that Hollywood glamour effect, build it up thick for an edgy, rock chick look or go punky with extra length.
Liquid liner can be tricky to apply, especially if you don’t have a steady hand, so look for one with a fine felt tip. Daniel Sandler recommends DHC liquid eyeliner. Once you’ve mastered the effect, try a liquid with a fine dip brush to achieve an even crisper line that won’t fade or smudge. Benefit’s Magic Ink is great for steadier hands.

Liquid, gel or fibre-tipped eyeliners are perfect for the feline flick because they allow for a precise stroke. Fibre-tipped liners are easier to master as it’s just like using a marker pen. But if you can get the hang of liquid or gel liners they allow you to create a very fine, crisp line and the ink will never bleed.

Pro’s tip
If your line is uneven, use a makeup corrector pen or pointed cotton bud dipped in non-oily makeup remover to smooth it out, then reapply the liner.

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You Will Need

  • How to create a cat eye. The Feline Flick - Step 1
    Step 1


    Take the liner as close as you can to the lashline.
    If you can’t do the line all in one go, place shorter lines in each corner and one in the middle and join them up into a super-smooth line.

  • How to create a cat eye. The Feline Flick - Step 2
    Step 2

    Use this line as a template to go backwards and forwards and build it up, taking the pen all the way from the inner to the outer corner.

  • How to create a cat eye. The Feline Flick - Step 3
    Step 3

    To create the flick, my guide is always to draw as if I’m continuing the line of the lower lashes, then flick up.

  • How to create a cat eye. The Feline Flick - Step 4
    Step 4

    You can fill in any angles left between the main
    line and the flick by going backwards and forwards with the pen.

  • How to create a cat eye. The Feline Flick - Step 5
    Step 5

    If you have trouble keeping the flick even, try using a credit card as a template, pressing it against your face at the desired angle. Repeat on the other eye so that the flicks are the same.

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