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An art project for a sewing class I took
I made this book with creative ideas that popped into my head. Every page is something that was my first thought of what it was going to be. I made this book to symbolize the fact that I very rarely submit word of mouth assignments or information, I would much rather polish, polish, and polish the work so it's up to my standards. Part of relieving my anxiety is believing in myself.
Page one-my friend rose's lips. it was meant to be attention grabbing.
Page two & three-a scribble to stictched embroidery thread that loosely feeds into an arrangement of sewing needles.
Page four & five-I wanted to make eyes, but I realized that someone paging through the book generally holds it with their thumbs over the pages, so I used that to my advantage by making it seem like the reader was unintentionally/intentionally jabbing their fingers into the eyes, making them bloodshot.
page 6-my fabric manipulation page, where I did a few lines of stitching to form a heart.
page 7 & 8-I realize it may appear gross, but it's hair collected from my hair brush over a few months time mod podged onto the pages. I embroidered the words "it's a hairy situation" onto the pages. I thought it would be a bit funny.

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