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Na-Na-Na-Na-Na BATHAT!, BATHAT! Turn a recycled jacket hood into your own caped crusader Headwear! (Batmobile not included)
My thirteen year-old cousin,Phillip is a Huge Comics fan as am I. we especially adore Batman. Phillip has always loved things with ears...In fact he's the one who took my Inu-Yasha hat a while back. I was also getting sick of all the cat ear hats/Hoods and seeing hardly any other animal ears on hats. ~Bats are my Favorite~ The second picture is my Cuz Sporting the prototype hat. The other is me wearing the finished project

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  • Step 1

    Find an old black hoodie,

  • Step 2

    Use the Seam Ripper to gently remove the hood from the jacket. leave the hood drawstring...you will need that later.

  • Step 3

    Using either a sewing machine or a hand needle and thread...Sew any frayed edges around the base of your hat/hood

  • Step 4

    Now make the ears...I used a smaller pattern. sew them up and stuff them with cotton so they will stay up. You can also hand-sew the ears as well as using a sewing machine.

  • Step 5

    Mark where you want the ears on your hat. Using scissors make a small incision as big as your fabric ears make sure that they tuck into the incision nicely. Then carefully sew the ears onto the hat.

  • Step 6

    Using your pom-pom ball/balls slide them over the hood/hat's drawstring(s) add safety pins/buttons other things for more ''flair'' if you wish.

    Then you are finished! Now go the city needs you! XD

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aneniine · 58 projects
Batman is one of my faves too!;)

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